Skincare Ingredient Series – Exfoliators

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Skincare Ingredient Series - Exfoliators AHAs and BHAs What’s the difference? The beauty industry is fantastic for coming out with different skincare ingredients, and when we are talking exfoliation, it’s all about the AHAs and BHAs. AHA = Alpha-Hydroxy Acids BHA = Beta-Hydroxy Acids Does that help? No, we thought not. Here is an explanation of [...]

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Microneedling – Collagen Induction Treatments

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Micro-Needling with Dermapen Introductory Offer £99 per treatment for a limited time ONLY! Micro-needling is the holy grail of facial beauty treatments, also known as collagen induction therapy we can treat anything from acne to hair loss. Microscopic insertions are made into the skin using a sterile automated device. The principle behind this treatment is to [...]

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The Top Four Skincare Mistakes

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What is going on? Skincare can be a minefield!  If you’re reading this blog and you like to have a facial, we can safely assume that you like to keep your skin in good condition. It’s easy to forget the small things, and with so much conflicting advice, how can you be sure that you’re doing [...]

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